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Land of PucciniIn the following pages, we hope to share with you a little of Maestro Giacomo Puccini's life, lived in this wonderful part of Tuscany for 65 years long. We will look at his origins and tell his life story, begun hundreds of years ago in the remote hills above Lucca, guiding you through the fascinating stories behind each of his operas, explaining each storyline with musical tags, offering you the opportunity to buy tickets for Puccini Festival season, taking you to the special places Puccini loved and frequented where we include special points of interest and wonderful restaurants, and then give you an overview of this extraordinary part of Tuscany known as Versilia.  On our site you will find everything you need to know, including where to eat, where to sleep, how to get where you want to go, how to combine all the elements and create for yourself a unique experience, following the Maestro’s footsteps.  We warmly invite you to touch the soul of Tuscany and discover the Land of Puccini. These are the places Giacomo Puccini loved and visited, and in which he lived and worked for all his life. Puccini was the quintessential Tuscan composer whose life, spanning the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Centuries, played out in this very special place. As much as Puccini loved to travel and made many international excursions into the heady atmosphere of opening night galas, glamorous people and numerous social engagements, he always returned to Torre del Lago to ground himself and to drink again from the creative stream that so richly fed his enormous talent. Discover these places that held  him in their gentle embrace and experience his deep love for this land as we explore the geographical and physical sources of his boundless musical wisdom.