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Land of PucciniThe town was destroyed and occupied at various times by the Lucchesi, the Florentines and the French, and finally established its own city council in 1515. Land of PucciniBy the middle of the 16 th century, Seravezza was known for its marble mining activities, on account of the beautiful white marble that the Apuan Alps yeilded then, and still today. Michelangelo is said to have come here in person to choose the marble for his David. Seravezza is home to an important museum of the Versilia, the Palazzo Mediceo , originally built by the Medici family during the 16 th century as a summer retreat. It houses a permanent exhibition of Work and Popular Traditions, depicting traditional activites of the Versilia; Land of Pucciniagriculture (winemaking and farming), domestic (homes of yesterday, traditional costumes, womens work), geography (environmental features) and the marble quarrying and iron mining industries. The museum is also the venue for important art exhibitions and cultural events. There are several charming festivals that take place in Seravezza during the year, not least of which is the donkey palio that is held every May, with its accompanying medieval parade.Land of Puccini

The town's market is held every Monday. Take the Aurelia to Querceta, and follow the signs to Seravezza. Located in the foothills of the mountains inland from Forte dei Marmi and north of Pietrasanta, Seravezza is characterised by picturesque villas, medieval churches and rustic buildings, all straddling a river and surrounded by rolling hills clothed in chestnut trees. The first written documents pertaining to the history of Seravezza date back to 1040, even although settlements had existed there for some time previously.