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Informazioni Turistiche e Hotel





Tourism in Tuscany falls under the responsibility of the APT, the Agenzia Per il Turismo, whose offices can be found, filled with information, in almost every town in the region.


APT Versilia
APT Versilia is located in Viareggio, just off the central part of the passeggiata (the sea front road) behind Piazza Mazzini in an old palace, Palazzo delle Muse.

APT Versilia Tourist Information Office - Viareggio, Viale Carduci, 10: 

  .: Phone:  +39 0584 962233 
  .: Fax:  +39 0584 47336 
  .: Email:   

APT LuccaAPT Lucca, is located in Lucca,  Piazza Guidiccioni,2.

APTLucca produces a series of publications in the field. They can be obtained from the offices or information downloaded directly from the following pages and printed in the desired format, without bond reproduction or distributionHospitality guide to Lucca and the plane

Hospitality guide to the Serchio Valley and the Garfagnana

Puccini’s itinerary

Monumental villas

Lucca and its sorroudings

A taste of Lucca

Serchio valley and the Garfagnana